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More than 61 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. Smoking increases your risk for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease. In fact, cigarettes are harmful to smokers and nonsmoker, and the number of smokers rises day by day. Moreover, there are many harmful effects smoking has on an individual, such as heart disease, cancer, and the effect on nonsmoker and women, while it may cause an individual to feel relaxed, spend a lot of money and not be informed, it is harmful in the United States.

The consequences of smoking are. The effects of smoking tobacco not only affect the user but surrounding people as well: permanently destroying their lungs and children, increasing the chances of diseases and of cancer. Diseases caused by the effects of smoking or second hand smoke may lead to emphysema. World-wide efforts have increased to alarm people of the danger in consuming tobacco products, both first hand and second hand. In recent years, reports have proven a decline in smoking.

However, there are still millions of people that smoke in the United State of America. As a result, the effect of smoking has become a major health risk. Smoking tobacco products is the leading, preventable cause of death in the United States. More than ten times of the deaths from smoking cigarettes have added up to be more deaths than all the wars fought by the United states Jones, Page 65, There are more deaths caused each year from tobacco use than all deaths of HIV, illegal drug and alcohol use, car accidents, and murders combined Judd, page , Smoking harms nearly every organ and part of.

Health effects of tobacco

Tobacco is widely used by people around the world. The reason is because of a toxin called nicotine. Nicotine can be found in all tobacco products. Prior to research, researchers have found that nicotine changes the way the brain works, also when a person smokes tobacco they not only consume nicotine, but also over chemicals including tar, ammonia, acetone, lead, methanol, and more "What 's In a Cigarette?

Many of.

Essay about The Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarettes -- persuasive es

Smoking is not only a health hazard to the individual puffing on the cigarette, but also every person around that area health is at risk. Society has been thoroughly informed of the hazards from smoking cigarettes; yet people still choose smoking as a form of stress relief or enjoyment. The exposer to the harmful toxins not only affects the. The Causes and Effects of Smoking Scientists and health officials have been arguing the detrimental effects smoking has on our health for many years. Smoking can lead to serious complications including asthma, pancreas, lung and stomach cancer due to the large number of carcinogens cancer causing chemicals and other various substances added to it.

It is a health hazard for both smokers and non-smokers and it is especially harmful to unborn babies. Although smokers claim that it helps them to. The Harmful Effects of Smoking Tobacco My purpose for writing this paper is to educate the reader of the harms and effects done onto a person from smoking Tobacco and persuade anyone thinking about or attempting to smoke Tobacco to consider the following for your own benefit.

I will cover most harmful effects Tobacco has on not only the person using it but also the people around them. I will also show both sides of the argument with both the pros and the cons of smoking Tobacco as well as provide. The trend has spread widely over the years throughout the world. Smoking is a trend that did not start in the recent years but its history dates back to early BC. Surprisingly it was first used just for the medication purposes as opium was considered to have some medical properties. One of the reasons behind this wide spread of smoking tradition is the portrayal of smoking in movies and television, no doubt, this encouraged people to smoke and created a concept in.

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

The beginning of the 20th century was a time where smoking cigarettes was something a doctor would do in a hospital after surgery. Smoking was so common around that time youths were even indulging into the harmful habit with no penalties. Science has reached. The evidence also suggests that smoking was noticeably ln than in Sources reported that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease and death.

Another essential point is that it kills 28, people every year in New York and afflicts nearly , residents with serious injuries directed to their smoking. Cigarette smoking has affected the environment negatively, as well Novotny. Discarded cigarette butts can be seen off the streets, sidewalks, beaches, or other open areas Novotny.

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking And Smoking

Even though a single discarded cigarette filter has minimal impact on the environment, United States had manufactured 1. The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Society has been faced with many social struggles since the beginning of time. Smoking cigarettes is just one of those many social challenges. Individuals who smoke cigarettes increase the risk of developing health issues. Advertising has decreased over the years but the investment is with those that started when advertising was a big deal.

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Informative Speech Title: Effects of Smoking Speaker: Kevon Jones, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University student Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to avoid smoking Thesis Statement: Smoking has many dangerous effects on a smoker 's health and the health of those around them; it harms every organ in the body and leads to premature death. Introduction I. When one puts the killing thing in their mouth, and lights it, they are giving the cigarette the power to do the killing. Smoking is one of the greatest causes of disease and death worldwide due to the infinite amount of harsh, and injurious chemicals inhaled.

There are more than chemicals in tobacco smoke, many of which are poisonous and a minimum of 60 of those chemicals.

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A lot of money which could have been used to start projects that will spearhead growth of the economy is being directed to treat these diseases. Majority of the affected population are young children. However, research has indicated that the largest number of these children emanates from family where none of the parent is a smoker.

Cigarette smoking can have serious health effects on the human body. Children and infants involuntary inhale smoke in their homes and on the streets where they live. Laws regarding smoking in restaurants, on playgrounds, and on school properties have majorly decreased the risks. However, it is not limited to those areas. There are more ways to decrease it. Interventions that reduce second hand smoke in homes where children live and reduce smoking before, during and after birth will decrease.

It is one of the causes of people in the country falling sick apart from poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol intake. In United States annually around premature deaths occur due to exposure to tobacco and cigarette smoking. In , a large study of women in United Kingdom has shown that women in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are addicted to smoking, two out.

Effects of Smoking on Health Smoking is the act of inhaling the fumes of burning substances.

Smoking Life Away: The Harmful Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

It used to be men who mainly smoked pipes and cigars which involve little inhalation. Now a days the amount of young women and children smoking is on the increase although the overall amount of people who smoke is declining in most countries. There are thought to be around different chemical in a cigarette, many are toxic and 43 of them are carcinogens. Effects of Smoking Essay. An example is marijuana, which has catastrophic effects on the Continue Reading. First of all, smoking creates a number of health problems for smokers Continue Reading.

The toxins in cigarette smoke include Continue Reading. Internationally Continue Reading. Which the cigarettes made with paper or object made instead of paper or dry Continue Reading. The other cancers related to cigarette use are mouth cancer, larynx, pharynx, esophagus Continue Reading. With each repeated vulnerability, normal cells that line the Continue Reading. Continue Reading.

Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

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essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking
essay about bad effect of smoking Essay about bad effect of smoking

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