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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan , established diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Tajikistan in , but cooperation between these two countries started from Many Tajiks have immigrated to Pakistan, notably in the city of Ishkoman where they have integrated into the local population.

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Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize Turkmenistan as an independent country in December Pakistan was the first country to accord formal recognition to UAE on its achieving independence. UAE has been a major donor of economic assistance to Pakistan. Relations between the two states were established when the republic of Uzbekistan became independent following the collapse of the USSR, the relations between the two countries were initially strained by the situation in Afghanistan which both countries border as they supported different factions Afghan factions. However relations improved after the fall of the Taliban, both countries seeking to improve relations for the sake of trade, Pakistan wishing to gain access to Central Asian markets and landlocked Uzbekistan to access ports on the Indian Ocean.

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Pakistan's diplomatic relations with Albania are very cordial given that Albania is a Muslim majority country [ citation needed ] , and the only European country with OIC membership. Albania has consistently supported Pakistan for the Kashmir cause. Anton Gurakqui visited Pakistan to hold bilateral consultation with Pakistani political leadership.

Pakistan also offers training facilities to young Albanian bureaucrats in the field of banking, finance, management and diplomacy. Relations between the two countries are generally friendly. Both nations share close relations on the grounds of religion and politics. Belarus' Minsk Tractor Works has played a key role in supplying tractor to Pakistan [] and establishing the tractor assembly plant in Pakistan. Pakistan maintains an honorary consulate in Zagreb.

Pakistan and France have high levels of diplomatic meetings and are in good terms with one another. Germany and Pakistan enjoy closely cordial relations. In modern times, Pakistan's first embassy in Athens was opened in Greece established an embassy in Islamabad in There are around 32, Pakistani people living and working in Greece.

Since , Hungary has an embassy in Islamabad and an honorary consulate in Karachi. Pakistan maintain cordinal diplomatic relations with Iceland. Ireland is represented in Pakistan through its embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and an honorary consulate in Karachi. Pakistan has an embassy in Dublin. Pakistanis continue to support the idea of unification of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland which remains part of the United Kingdom after the Republic of Ireland left the Commonwealth of Nations.

Norway and Pakistan have strengthened ties. Pakistan established diplomatic relations with San Marino on 12 April The Pakistani ambassador to Italy is accredited as a non-residential ambassador to San Marino. Since July , Pakistan has an embassy in Belgrade. The Pakistani ambassador to Austria is accredited be the non-residential ambassador to Slovakia.

Relations between Pakistan and the Slovak Republic are cordial and friendly. Pakistan—Turkey relations have been traditionally strong. Pakistan recognized Ukraine's independence in Pakistan has an embassy in Kiev.

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Pakistan has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since independence in It was not a member of the British Commonwealth from until , because of the Commonwealth's recognition of Bangladesh. It was suspended with the overthrow of the democratically elected government in The U. Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf visited Australia in [] and the former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard , also having extended a visit to Pakistan in as well, following the Kashmir earthquake which had immensely targeted the northern areas of Pakistan.

He also announced new scholarships for students in Pakistan to study in Australia. While Pakistan and Fiji maintain formal diplomatic relationship, they do not have diplomatic mission in each other's country.

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Pakistan designates her high commissioner to Australia as a non-residential high commissioner to Fiji. New Zealand was party to the Commonwealth Heads of Government decision to readmit Pakistan to the Councils of the Commonwealth after the restoration of civilian rule in May While Pakistan and Tonga maintain diplomatic relationship, they do not have diplomatic mission in each other's country.

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Pakistan is not a member nor observer of the Arab League but the two entities share a strong relationship. Many of the Arab League nations send soldiers to train in Pakistan's prestigious military academies , and Pakistan frequently is in contact and collaboration with many of the Arab League nations with Pakistani pilots having flown in the two Arab-Israeli Wars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Previous constitutions: General: Administrative units.

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  • Foreign relations. Other countries Atlas. Main article: China-Pakistan relations. Main article: Pakistan—United States relations.

    Foreign relations of Pakistan

    Main article: Pakistan and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Main article: China—Pakistan relations. Main article: Pakistan—United Kingdom relations. Main article: Pakistan-Turkey relations.

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    Main article: Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations. Main article: Pakistan—European Union relations. Main article: France—Pakistan relations. Main article: Iran—Pakistan relations. Main article: Economic Cooperation Organization. Main article: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

    February Main articles: India—Pakistan relations and Afghanistan—Pakistan relations. Main article: Algeria—Pakistan relations. Main article: Egypt—Pakistan relations. Main article: Ethiopia—Pakistan relations. Main article: Kenya—Pakistan relations. Main article: Libya—Pakistan relations. Main article: Mauritius—Pakistan relations. Main article: Morocco—Pakistan relations. Main article: Nigeria—Pakistan relations. Main article: Pakistan—Somalia relations. Main article: Pakistan—Sudan relations. Main article: Pakistan—Tunisia relations. Main article: Pakistan—Zimbabwe relations. Main article: Argentina—Pakistan relations.

    Main article: Brazil—Pakistan relations. Main article: Canada—Pakistan relations. Main article: Chile—Pakistan relations.

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    Main article: Cuba—Pakistan relations. Main article: Mexico—Pakistan relations. Main article: Afghanistan—Pakistan relations. Main article: Azerbaijan—Pakistan relations. Main article: Bahrain—Pakistan relations.

    Main article: Bangladesh—Pakistan relations. Main article: Bhutan-Pakistan relations. Main article: Brunei—Pakistan relations. Main articles: Burma—Pakistan relations and Burmese people in Pakistan. Main article: Cambodia—Pakistan relations.

    essay on challenges for pakistan Essay on challenges for pakistan
    essay on challenges for pakistan Essay on challenges for pakistan
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    essay on challenges for pakistan Essay on challenges for pakistan

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