Cause and effects of teenage depression essay

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Also, teenagers are required to study diligently and excel in academic performance. Further, parents are eager to cultivate talents and want them to show achievement on extracurricular activities. Because of it, teenagers have to play some sports, learn the second language or more languages, play musical instruments and draw some paintings. The demands on teenagers are so high that they can hardly have free time to do what they really interested in.

The Causes and Effects of Teen Depression | Teen Ink

Another obvious cause associated with teenager depression is difficulties in peer relationship. To teenagers, social activities and peers become significant part of life increasingly. The reasons contributing to depression of teens do not end with parental expectation and peer relationship, family problems are probably the most influential reasons.

First, unfavorable family structure is one of the problems. For example, teenagers come from broken family, such as parent divorce or one of parents passed away earlier.

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Research even reveals that teens have higher risk of depression when they experience the drastic conflict during the process of parent divorce. In addition, some cases of teens have insufficient family support. They are usually neglected by parents; therefore, they think that they are not a vital member at home.

Worst of all, some teens are lack of safety because of living under fear of domestic violence. Depression can strike at any age, especially the stage of being a teenager. In school, they are afraid of being put aside by classmates and maintaining poor relationship with peers. When they at home, they might encounter different kinds of troublesome problems.

Depression Symptoms, Causes and Effects

A lack of sunlight, exercise, and fresh air causes irritability and lethargy in people who suffer SAD. Postpartum depression occurs often with women who have recently given birth. The time of onset varies; it can occur as early as three months or as late as a year after delivery. It is moderate to severe.

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Patients who suffer psychotic depression exhibit psychotic symptoms along with the depression, such as delusions or hallucinations. The hallucinations can affect any or all of the senses. Usually, the delusions involve feelings of unwarranted guilt or inadequacy. Many potential causes for depression exist. It can be genetic, meaning the patient has a family history of depression. Personal trauma and sources of stress, such as a failed relationship or a lost job, can also cause depression.

Social isolation as the result of conflict with family and friends can be a contributory factor, and certain medications, such as high blood pressure medication, have depression listed as a possible side effect.

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If you notice that you or someone you know seems to be lethargic, socially withdrawn, or has declining physical health, depression may be present. There are several physical and emotional symptoms to look for when determining whether a person has clinical depression, but you should always seek an official diagnosis before making a decision.

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Some of the physical effects include erratic sleep habits, loss of appetite or increased appetite with atypical depression , constant fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, and back pain. In the short-term, depression is likely to cause loss of appetite, weight loss, and other physical symptoms. If you develop insomnia or hypersomnia sleeping too much , you will be fatigued and lethargic.

Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression

In the long term, you can experience malnutrition from not eating enough or become obese from eating too much. You can also experience a drop in short-term memory, finding it easier to forget things. Long-term depression can also lead to suicide; EverydayHealth states that over 66 percent of suicides have depression as a factor. A myriad of tests exists online to determine whether you may be depressed. Toggle navigation MegaEssays.

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cause and effects of teenage depression essay Cause and effects of teenage depression essay
cause and effects of teenage depression essay Cause and effects of teenage depression essay
cause and effects of teenage depression essay Cause and effects of teenage depression essay
cause and effects of teenage depression essay Cause and effects of teenage depression essay
cause and effects of teenage depression essay Cause and effects of teenage depression essay

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