Case study 2 social networking in our lives

7 Ways That Social Media is Affecting Us Positively

Many use the platform as a source of inspiration for topics concerning fashion, lifestyle, and travel. The concept here is simple: users collect pictures and posts or those of others and share them on their pin boards. Pin boards can be structured according to different themes. Among the social networks mentioned here, Snapchat occupies somewhat of a special role.

The mobile app, which is available for both Android as well as iOS, is used to send photos and videos that have been created and edited often with drawings and animation on smartphones or tablets. It should be noted, though, that there are ways to recover and save these images. This app is particularly popular among teenagers, a fact that can partly be attributed to host of playful features the program offers. Snapchat has gone through some major developments over the last few years. These can then be accessed over a 24 hour-period after which they are then automatically deleted.

Additionally, conventional text messages as well as video calls are also possible. Snapchat is quickly growing in popularity among marketing departments throughout the industry.

Digital Social Networks and Health | Circulation

But social media marketing on Snapchat is still relatively new terrain for many companies and is still being experimented with. Some companies even run their own accounts, providing relevant content for their target groups. They also often work together with influencers in order to further make potential customers more aware of their offerings. The online community for images is among the oldest of its kind. Images taken by both amateurs and professionals alike can be found on the platform. In addition to images, the platform also allows videos whose length does not exceed three minutes to be uploaded to the site; there, users can also add other information and buzzwords to their recordings.

In addition to enabling files to be archived, Flickr also makes it possible for users to view and comment these images, facilitating an exchange of sorts among these. The platform also commonly used by some companies to archive and distribute press photos. Many experts see this as a chance for platforms like Google Fotos the successor of the web application, Picasa , which allows many image files to be uploaded free of charge.

Clever use of Pinterest and Instagram can be an excellent way for businesses looking to gain more attention from potential customers. Pictures and videos offer clear advantages over texts in that their messages are conveyed much more directly. Visual media is also an effective means for tapping into emotions and can prove especially useful for image building.

And it is precisely this sort of half-hearted approach to social media that prevent many companies from reaching their full potential. Only by truly investing time and energy in such platforms will your business begin to reap the benefits of a solid visual marketing scheme. The origins of platforms like Twitter and Tumblr can be traced back to the blogging scenes.

Twitter in particular has many accounts that have been set up by companies, organizations, media outlets, celebrities, politicians, etc. Users of both networks share different types of content news, links, images, videos. Those who chose to follow a particular timeline are then presented with news regarding this profile in their time line, just as is the case with Facebook. According to estimates, there are some million Twitter users. Of these, approximately million are active users. Twitter has established itself as a reliable marketing channel in the United States, with most major companies presiding over at least one account.

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Tweets are only allotted a maximum of characters. Ideally, with enough exposure, Tweets geared at target groups will provide your account with more followers. Operating in real time, Twitter demands quick reactions to current events and a high posting frequency from its users. Although Twitter has proven time and again to be a powerful resource for increasing the reach of your brand or company, those overseeing social media accounts need to be well aware of one potentially dangerous pitfall: hashtag-hijacking.

One form of hashtag-hijacking occurs when a Twitter user exploits, knowingly or not, trending topics for their own private gain. Such stints almost always backfire and social media teams often find themselves reeling against a very unforgiving onslaught of outraged users. Another version of this phenomenon comes about in a very different way. Some companies have seen their Twitter accounts overrun due to a mistake being made in good conscious.

By inviting followers, or the broader Twittersphere, to comment via a promotional hashtag on your brand or product with the hopes of gaining popularity, you are putting yourself at the mercy of the general public. Further advantages include the ability to share links, pictures, and videos. Drawbacks are the maximum character length and the potential for mass backlash against promotional campaigns. And while it may not have the same clout as other, more prominent social media networks, with some million users worldwide, most of which are teens are young adults, the platform is nonetheless still full of potential for marketers.

Leveraging social networking services with the power of Big Data

Tumblr is also a popular social media platform for companies in North America, and, due to the nature of its demographics, is especially well suited for more international audiences as well as campaigns aimed at younger audiences. According to Tumblr founder and CEO, David Karp, the publishing platform was never intended to be a social network; however, this is exactly the route that the platform has taken over the past few years.

Another aspect Tumblr has in common with more conventional social media platforms is the fact that content and topics can also be labeled with hashtags, making these relevant posts easier to find. This feature makes it easier to spread high-quality content and increase the chances that an entry will go viral. The trick here is to come off as authentic and genuine as you can. This allows you to more quickly gain the trust and attention of other users. For this reasons, many companies advise their employees to avoid communicating with business contacts via networks like Facebook.

Professional networks like LinkedIn, however, have created themselves a niche market by catering explicitly to a more professional environment.

This platform model facilitates an exchange between business partners, employees as well as applicants and companies to occur. They aim to offer all of the advantages that sites like Facebook have in terms of communication but in a more professional setting. The file hosting service, SlideShare, which is owned by LinkedIn, contains presentations, documents, and videos on topics from a wide spectrum of occupations and professional disciplines.

Users are able to upload content themselves or simply access other files that have already been uploaded.

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  4. The primary focus here is to share information, rather to build up or expand a network. Many experts advise against openly sharing too much information on social media platforms. Companies have been known to use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. While shying away from social media may do wonders for your work-life balance , for some professionals, not having an easily accessible social media presence can be a major drawback.

    This is where professional networks like LinkedIn come into play: here, there is little need for users to share personal information, and they can instead focus exclusively on business-related matters. As the go-to networking site for users around the world, LinkedIn hosts a respectable million total users. Many of the Social Networking websites have a way to connect with other people all around the world, to make new friends, learn new things and even make relationships. Social Networking has increased in a very fast way in the past years, especially among college students, and high school students.

    Social networks are defined as member-based websites and applications that allow users to communicate with others or find others who share similar interests to their own Lecture two, The introduction of Web 2. Social media sites such. What is Social Networking?

    Networking done on a social media. Social media are websites and applications that allow groups of people to communicate with social and professional contacts. Job seekers can participate in social networking by leaving comments and sharing information with professional contacts.

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    Just by being a part of social network, you are already unintentionally participating in social networking. Why Use Social Media?

    Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks

    The most important reason is to expand the number of people you. Social Networks History: In the Business environment, Social networking plays a huge role throughout the world. When it comes to the business or enterprise, social networking allows employees to share ideas and collaborate more effectively than professional tools like email, facilitating well-informed as well as faster decision-making and also helps to improve productivity. Social networking sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their personal.

    The surging popularity of Facebook, which was designed to foster social interaction, is unprecedented. Social media is the communication between individuals and groups to share and exchange their ideas through internet. The biggest impact of the social networking is on children, youngs, and adults.

    Nowaday children are growing up surrounded by technology. They like to use technology such as mobile, tablets, and computers because they can connect easily to social network. We all know how important social networking. Social Network is all around us. So what exactly is a social network?


    Social network is either personal or business which allows users to interact with others by way of messaging, remarking, or just plain posting. Although there are many forms of this technology, we primarily hear about the common social network known as Facebook. My research of social networking it was more geared towards the Facebook era. I was a bit surprised. Meriam Webster. While the benefits of social networking include ease of. Social networks have played a large roll in guiding users to maintain, create or enhance their social presence both online and in real time.

    There are many different social networks that enable users to communicate and connect based on similarities, differences and many other factors. The social network theory explains these connections as ties, and individual users as nodes. The more ties, or relationships, online that you have the more social capital you can accumulate. Social capital can. Social networking is the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself Oxford Dictionary.

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    5. Social media includes the websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking Oxford Dictionary. The world has seen an exponential growth in social media within the past decade that has truly transformed the way people interact. This originated from Compuserve in September. A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among us when we share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.

      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives
      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives
      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives
      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives
      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives
      case study 2 social networking in our lives Case study 2 social networking in our lives

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