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One such commentary in a recommendation letter follows: In his high school, John did not have the sufficient background needed to prepare him for the rigors of college. His transition to Mythic University was not an easy one.

Play to Your Strengths

In fact, in his first math course and chemistry lab, he received a D and a C, respectively. However, this did not send him fleeing to a major that he perceived would be easier; instead, his resolve was strengthened. Although John does not present the credentials of a scholar, his intent, passion, and motivation are genuine, and his progress is measurable. Recommending the Under-Represented Student For students under-represented in a field, the social and academic challenges can be both specific and subtle, a fact honored by scholarships sometimes earmarked for these students.

In the fields of science and engineering, students of color and thus professionals of color remain under-represented. This under-representation can result in a lack of faculty role models, peers of color in the classroom and laboratory, and often in an isolation that inhibits full participation in the university community.

Despite these difficulties, however, some students strive and thrive as Janet Lerner has done. The commitment and scholarship of a student such as Janet must be celebrated. Recommending by Citing Others In the case that follows, the faculty member agreed to write a letter despite limited knowledge of the student, and revealed this in the opening paragraph. I have only worked with John Lerner for one semester, in that he was originally brought into our program two years ago by my predecessor, who is currently the Director of Academic Advising in another program at Mythic University.

Recommending While Acknowledging Limitations As promoted strongly in Chapter 1 of this manual, faculty can effectively recommend students even while acknowledging areas where growth is needed. Using maps, basic spatial analysis, and newspaper articles local to her area, Janet wrote a mock proposal to a school board that was professional and truly worthy of the board's attention. Her paper went far beyond the scope of the assignment, and also reflected something I noted throughout the semester: her natural ability with language.

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Janet has a creative, confident, maturing voice as a writer. Explain how you chose your community service projects. State how long your involvement was. Tell about your travels and how they have impacted you. Express how your interactions with others have engendered a passion for what you do. They service migrant workers who come here from Mexico to work on mushroom farms. We not only link families with community services, but we also tutor children in English and help them learn important school skills that will allow them to be successful in school.

Illustrate how your past experience has imparted qualities that the scholarship committee will value. Describe the qualities you have developed as a result of your academic, work and community service experience.

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For example, your academic experience may have given you motivation, knowledge of your current field and an attention to detail. Your work experience may have given you originality, creativity and an ability to solve problems.

Your community service experience may have given you maturity, emotional stability and the ability to face challenges. I know the meaning of hard work, and I have learned how to overcome challenges in my own personal and academic life. Choose your words carefully. Strike the right balance between being modest and bragging. The evidence will speak for itself. Method 3. Start early. It may be your best chance for making the case of why you should qualify for aid or a scholarship. It is an important document that sets you apart from other applicants. Devote enough time to making it accurately reflect who you are, demonstrate your writing ability and provide evidence of your achievements.

Get organized. Develop a logical structure for your statement. Write an outline that organizes your ideas and categories. Get input from others about what to include. Ask teachers, parents and others whom you trust for feedback. Include enough details to be thoughtful and complete, but avoid being long-winded. Be personal and reflective. Share information about who you are. Tell the readers what you want them to understand about you. Give them information about your family and past experiences and how they have motivated you to pursue your studies.

Explain how your work and academic experiences have given you knowledge about your field. Describe personal experiences that have helped you hone in on your goals. Be authentic. Write about who you really are and what you really care about. Do not try to write what you think the readers want to hear. The application committee will know right away if you are not being honest.

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They read so many essays that they can distinguish the difference between genuineness and insincerity. Showcase your true desires, accomplishments and strengths. Remember that those reading the essay do not know you. Use specific examples. Reinforce general claims about yourself with specific details. For example, if you state that you feel comfortable with people of different backgrounds, give details that explain why.

Perhaps you have been an ESL tutor, or you grew up in a military family and traveled around quite a bit. Provide concrete examples of your motivation and leadership. Explain how you are going to use your education to accomplish your goals. Give yourself time for revisions. Prepare to write several drafts of your personal statement. Get feedback from others. For example, show it to people on campus such as professors, advisors, classmates and teaching assistants.

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Revise it for clarity and content. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Emotional strength is important to colleges. Be straight to the point; don't hide your feelings under a mask of complex prose. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful How can I write a statement explaining that I will no longer be registering for classes because I'm registering at another institution?

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Say that you have decided to choose a new school curriculum outside of this school. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. Unanswered Questions. How can I write a letter to someone in my community for financial aid? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How can I make an organized financial document to show my sources of income?

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special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay
special circumstances scholarship essay Special circumstances scholarship essay

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