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Show More. Zeena was given these colors because these colors are boring and not appealing to the eye, identical to Zeena. On the contrary, Mattie? Whether it?

Wharton omits the cause of the women? While Wharton deems the background information is unnecessary, it is unjust to think Zeena was born so frail and depleted. Even though it is known that the root of her dreadful appearance comes from seven miserable years in a loveless marriage deprived of emotional connection, people fail to recognize that Mattie?

Ethan Frome - Audiobook by Edith Wharton

Wharton drastically juxtaposes Zeena and Mattie so that the reader feels sympathy for Ethan being bonded to Zeena, while a much prettier and healthier Mattie is present. While sledding during their last hour to be spent together, Mattie rashly asks Ethan to steer their sled into a large elm tree at the bottom of the hill so they can die together.

Juxtaposition between Mattie and Zeena in Ethan Frome Essay example

This statement unveils her impulsive, adolescent nature; such qualities might have made Ethan think otherwise of attempting to take his own life at her mere request, had he not been so blinded by the beautiful source of escape she had seemed to provide throughout the novel. However, her words also reveal her disregard for local convention in that she is ready to give in to any thought, no matter how foolish, that enters her mind.

Mattie fell in love with Ethan, openly expressed her feelings for him, and was not afraid to follow her heart. Both Ethan and Mattie struggle to keep their passions from being overtaken by the power of local convention. Battling both the long, oppressive winters of Starkfield and a rough adolescence, Mattie Silver is still able to be herself and grow as an individual while providing a breath of fresh air on the Frome farm. On the other hand, Ethan allows the climate, his ailing wife, and most of all, his strict adherence to local convention, to prevent him from acting upon his love for Mattie.

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After the “smash-up,” who cares for Mattie and Ethan?

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This paper reviews the tragic novel by Edith Wharton “Ethan Frome”.

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