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Putting duty before self 8. Leading from the front. Robbins had a different view and wrote that the three theories important to leadership development are Trait Theory, Behaviour Theory and Situational Theory. French, et al, summarised and divided the theories on leadership into 2 categories: Traditional Theories and New Theories. Traditional Theories are further grouped into Theories on leader traits and behaviours and situational leadership. New theories refer to Charismatic Leadership and Transformational Leadership. See diagram below.

Trait theories on leadership were developed from research which tried to identify attributes that great leaders were born with which differentiates them from non-leaders. This helps organisations in their selection, training and development of potential leaders Derue et al. This theory predisposes that leadership creation is still involuntary and not proactive unlike the Transformational Leadership Theory where anyone can learn skills on how to lead. French, et al, Criticisms of the trait theories led to the development of behaviour theories theorizing that actions and behaviour exhibited by a leader and not his personality is what identifies him as one.

In late s, University of Michigan conducted studies concluding that there are 2 types of leadership; Worker-oriented leadership and Task-oriented leadership. While the former is focussed on employee welfare, the latter concentrates on achievement of organisational objectives.

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The criticism is that given different situations, the same leadership behaviours may not be observed. Horner , a situational theorist, says that an effective leader should be able to adapt his leadership style according to the work situation he is in. Contemporary leadership theorists like House and Conger and Kanungo researched on Charismatic Leadership. They wrote that certain attitudes and attributes can be bundled together to determine charisma in a leader. What they do and how they do it to influence the desired actions from their followers is how charismatic leaders are successful as leaders French, et al, Charisma is a key component of transformational leadership and as such, many of its characteristics are also found in successful transformational leaders.

You read "The Role of Leadership in Organisational Change" in category " Leadership " So while charismatic leaders may not be transformational leaders, transformational leaders need to be charismatic to achieve their mission of change DuBrin, Bass distinguished between Transactional and Transformational leadership saying that the former has to do with daily communications and exchanges between a leader and his subordinates.

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This is usually task-based and routine. Transformational leadership, on the other hand, enables subordinates to broaden their goals and elevate performance beyond expectations with the use of charisma, inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and individualised consideration. Writers have consensus that at this day and age, change is a much larger issue than decades past as the rate of change, especially for technological change, is increasing at an exponential rate Balogun and Hope Hailey, ; Burnes, ; Senior, Burnes goes on to say that organisational strategy and change are inseparable.

Because organisational change is of paramount importance, the skills that a leader must have to effect changes successfully are highly sought after Senior, In fact, managers today may find that their primary task in an environment of globalisation, technological innovation, constantly changing demographics, deregulation and knowledge explosion, is to provide leadership for organisational change Graetz, Organisational change can be planned or unplanned. It is usually due to changes in the conditions of the environment and is reactive in nature. Planned change happens when the manager takes proactive measures to address a performance gap to get to desired outcomes that meet organisational goals and objectives.

Although it is generally accepted that in a highly competitive environment, change is a necessity to survive, Balogun and Hope Hailey found that about 70 per cent of all plans for organisational change fail. According to Dunphy and Stace , there are 4 characteristics in the scale of the change. In Fine Tuning, the leader makes very small changes to processes, human capital, structure and strategy so they work coherently to reach the organisational goal.

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It is usually done within the divisional or departmental level and is referred to as convergent change Nelson, Similar to fine tuning, Incremental Adjustment involves making slightly more changes to managerial processes, corporate strategies and structures but not to the extent of radical change Senior, The difference is that the changes are bigger here. In Modular Transformation, the scale of change has move from being intra-departmental to departmental-wide or division-wide alignments.

However, change in this category has not reached organisation-wide, which is discussed next. The key difference between corporate and modular transformations is that the former is organisation-wide, which means that every person in the organisation is affected. This formula explains that leaders in an organisation need to be firstly, unhappy with how things are going and must know where they want to head towards.

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If D is absent, then the organisation may be complacent and may not want to move from their position. D without V will mean that the organisation has no direction for change. Even if D and V are present, without taking the first positive step, change will just be an idea; hence, action must be taken. Therefore the product of D, V and F cannot be zero which means that any of the 3 values cannot be zero. If any of the 3 is absent, the drive to change will not overcome resistance.

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  6. The other factor to consider is the magnitude of D, V and F against the magnitude of R. The product of D, V and F must be greater than R for there to be change. The greater the product, the greater the probability that change will happen.

    However, this formula does not guarantee that the change will be successful. For change to be successful, change leaders or change agents must have attributes to lead change. There are many reasons why people resist change and it usually has to do with the fear of the unknown.

    As a result, they will find ways to slow change down or sabotage it so it does not happen Lines, Instead of trying to overcome resistance, leaders should take it as a form of feedback and understand why the employee perceives threats to win them over and achieve change objectives French, et al, The work of Kurt Lewin on phases of planned change is oft quoted and still very relevant today.

    Then Word version was updated to Word version. With the latest version out which is Word there are some changes that has been made. Explore with Wikipedia When it comes to researching information a person have to be careful where they get their information from. However some teacher do not like it at all and some do not want their student to use it at all, but Microsoft Word has added the Wikipedia in their add-in In the s this agenda was expanded to include management owing to the poor performance of businesses.

    It was apparently essential to develop leadership skills not only for entrepreneurs in the private sector, but also for managers in public institutions. Because of its nature, leadership in most times is perceived as a way to attain outcomes With the finest document-formatting tools, Word helps users organize and write their documents more efficiently. Word also includes powerful editing and revising tools so that you can collaborate with others easily. The goal of this document is to explore some of the key features users mostly used in Microsoft Word.

    Templates Templates are a special type of Microsoft Word document refers as a sample document that has already formatted and relevant details in place I believe that a servant style of leadership is most closely aligned with my beliefs. To play a role in the growth and development of another person is an honorable task Hospital control moved from a local or political method of control to that of a business.

    Adopting business practices sped up the rate of decision making. The hospitals were able to make a profit while reducing the wait lists for services. Measurement of staff production is used as incentive rather than as punishment Leadership must foster an environment that is open to advice, and input, provides an environment that fosters buy- in from others who are lead and those who are impacted.

    Effective nursing leadership has courage, integrity, initiative and the ability to handle stress Meliniotis, Successful nursing leadership is committed to excellence, measures the importance of things, builds a culture around service, creates and develops leaders, focuses on employee satisfaction, builds on accountability, aligns behaviors with goals and communicates at all levels Guyton, Better Essays words 4. Then time was spent in thinking through the information gathered before reading through it again carefully. Through reading and rereading, 'implied meanings ' were gathered and links were found in the field notes and journals.

    The data was cross searched for patterns and dividing the data by type. Data was strengthened when it was repeated in more that one case and in more than one method Soy, Analysis and findings Better Essays words 5 pages Preview. These examples, which involve sharing or complimentary leadership, are salient because they involve the tips of massive hierarchical organisations and show that there has been a need to flatten hierarchies and share responsibilities from ancient times.

    The current term used is distributed leadership and its application is not exclusive to educational organisations Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. The reasons for these issues vary widely and develop because of so many different situations. The outcome of the situation depends on many factors including the issue at hand, the management style and the ethics of the organization to simply name a few.

    These outcomes can certainly make or break an organization if not handled appropriately Research Papers words 8 pages Preview. Leadership is a quality obtained in early childhood in school or on playground. Every organisation needs Leader or mentor to lead the business and social institution in right direction. They are also the mortar that holds the rest of the building blocks followers together for the rest of the organization. Leaders must be able to motivate, inspire trust, and lead the organization to achieve its goals It is a complex phenomenon, better studied across a wide array of scholarly fields.

    No matter what one believes or understands about the subject, the reality about understanding leadership is that it is a multidimensional subject that is best viewed or studied from the theory perspective rather than from the maxim.

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    Leadership is a process, which involves influence, which occurs within a group context and it involves goal attainment Ideal applicants will coherently tie their activities and leadership roles into their essay responses. Please take a moment to think about your answers before beginning and check the spelling and grammar of your essays before submitting them.

    The selections committee will not have access to your UC Application, so please feel free to use portions of your personal statement as you see fit.

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    Your answers must be submitted in a plain-text format with no style or formatting The meaning of leadership. The million dollar question that many seems to know the answer to, yet everyone seem to be in search of this very answer. There is no doubt that any ambitious person would want to be a good leader or a good role model. However, not every individual can achieve this. Why might you ask. The answer to why not everyone can be a good leader lies within the definition of the word leadership itself Servant leadership and transformative leadership are some of the new management techniques and ideas that address the increasing complexities of the world.

    However, as these new ideas are developed and implemented, which one works the best in today working environment. Which one of these management styles has a greater impact on those who use and those who are managed A conceptual framework for measuring servant leadership.

    The human factor in shaping the course of history and development, There is an age old question. Are individuals made to be a leader or are individuals born to be leaders. JoAnne Ciculla, a professor in leadership and ethics program at the Jepson School of the University of Richmond states the question should be what is leadership, but what is good leadership. Giampetro-Meyer, Brown, Browne, Ciculla reference three types of leadership: transformational, transitional, and servant leadership I figured that with the amount of leadership development I had already been through, there could not be that much more I could learn from a class.

    I expected this introduction to leadership development class to be a simple rehashing of everything else I have ever learned about leadership, but I quickly found that I was very wrong with this class leading me to a great deal of insight about leadership and myself This is fundamental when looking for a positive outcome.

    To understand the factors that influence leadership style, it is important to look at some examples of leadership styles. Situational Leadership Style— This is when the leader themselves assess the situation and then adjusts their leadership method accordingly, for example, the leader will assess the ability of their fellow employee or their enthusiasm to learn and grow in their role As it formed the basis of numerous articles, books, seminars and the academics alike have all done pretty much in shedding expository light on the subject, but what seems to have happened is expanded curriculum bringing along wider and deeper scope to cover, for those wanting to study the topic leadership There are numerous leadership styles.

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    Each of the numerous leadership styles can be beneficial if utilized in an appropriate means. I have chosen three leaders and their unique leadership styles to discuss in this paper. The unique styles that will be discussed are situational leadership, transformational leadership, and laissez-faire leadership Servant leadership also focus on building better organizations and creating a world that is caring and just. Robert Greenleaf believed that the servant leader all started from the individual person having a natural feeling of being one that wants to serve first Leadership is the skill of influencing people to accomplish goals Huber, Leaders use a variety of styles to accomplish their goals.

    I will discuss the leadership style that I utilize most often, how my style relates to leadership theories and the work type environment it is most useful in By doing so they do not create leaders around themselves causing organizations to have dips in their performance overtime. The solution to keeping an organization results constantly improving is a concept known as transformational leadership.

    This structure allows for higher up leaders to interact meaningfully with subordinates, as well as more middle-management power, and it allows companies to become responsive to the ever changing market The thought of leading someone in the wrong direction is even more intimidating. Nevertheless, being a leader should not be something I avoid.

    leadership in the workplace essays Leadership in the workplace essays
    leadership in the workplace essays Leadership in the workplace essays
    leadership in the workplace essays Leadership in the workplace essays
    leadership in the workplace essays Leadership in the workplace essays
    leadership in the workplace essays Leadership in the workplace essays

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