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As a rule, they do not say that their strategies or instructional models are flawed. Overall, this study suggests that to cope with misbehavior educators should take a critical view at their teaching methods. In some cases, it can be explained by internal motivators such as the need for attention or the willingness to gain power and authority. Yet, very often it can be attributed to school or classroom environment.

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This is the main issue that teachers should not disregard. At present, there is no universal method of managing misbehavior in the classroom. Yet, researchers do describe ways in which a teacher can avert or minimize this problem. One of them is the use of instruction methods encourage a student to participate in learning activities Landrum, , p. In particular, the teacher should encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of the material Landrum, , p.

Moreover, it is always necessary to provide feedback to learners and explain where they could have made mistakes. This approach enables students to take a more active part in their studies; they will not be only passive recipients of information. The learners will also see that a teacher genuinely cares about their successes and there will be fewer reasons for them to violate the rules that this person set. Thus, improved instructional methodology is one of the ways to reduce misbehavior in classrooms.

Additionally, a teacher should take into account that any class is made up of students who may have different learning styles. These people can acquire or develop new skills in different ways. As it has been said before, boredom can be a cause of misbehavior. For instance, some students are kinesthetic learners; this means that they have to carry out physical activities in order to better understand new material. Their misbehavior is usually expressed through body movements or gestures that may seem strange to others Haggart, , p.

Teachers should pay more attention to the needs of such learners. For instance, those people, who teach algebra, usually let these students use pan scales. In this way, they can help them better understand the notion of equation Kelly, , p. This example demonstrates that the likelihood of misbehavior can be reduced provided that a teacher uses proper instructional methods and appreciates the differences in learning styles.

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Apart from that, educators should try to show the practical use of the knowledge or skills that they want to teach students. Provided that this task is achieved, they will find it easier to keep the attention of these learners Wadhwa, , p. Therefore, improved instructional models and flexible teaching methods are instrumental in preventing misbehavior.

Another issue that should be discussed is the use of punishment as a response to the misbehavior of students. One of the main arguments is that such punitive measures are aimed at excluding the child from the classroom, rather than helping him or her. In many cases, teachers may place a misbehaving child at the very back of them room Noguera, , p.

In turn, fighting or bullying can lead to suspension or expulsion from the school Noguera, , p. The main logic of this approach is that this punishment will deter other students from misbehaving.

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It is based on the assumption that a student will behave appropriately in order to avoid negative consequences. Yet, it can also lead to such problems as alienation from other pupils, negative attitude toward school or learning, or anti-social behavior. It does not emphasize positive experiences associated with learning. This is the main drawback of this method. Furthermore, teachers, who continuously rely on punishment, run the risk of losing their authority. The thing is that the power of a teacher can come from various sources.

It may rely on coercion or the ability to render punishment. Yet, as it has been argued by William Glasser such teachers cannot ensure that students are willing to comply with the rules p. More importantly, students will regard them only as some authority figures who do not want to offer students sympathy or respect.

Currently, researchers believe that in many cases, a teacher can respond to misbehavior without relying on punishment that excludes a student Tate, , p. Secondly, a teacher should keep in mind that misbehavior can be caused by anxiety or domestic abuse. Furthermore, humor can be much more effective than shouting in the classroom Tate, , p.

Such a method can be applied to students talk to one another at the time when a teacher explains a new topic. Additionally, teachers should take time to explain what kinds of behavior are inappropriate in the classroom.

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For some students, such an explanation can be more effective than punishment. This is how teachers can respond to misbehavior in the classroom without using coercive power.

Overall, this discussion indicates that the misbehavior in the classroom cannot always be blamed only on students. Very often, this conduct can be attributed to poor methods of instruction or failure to involve students into learning. The task of educators is to create an environment in which students feel themselves a part of the class. They must see themselves as active participants of educational process.

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Finally, teachers should remember there are ways of influencing the behavior of students without the use of coercive power. Casas, M.

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Causes of Discipline Problems

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causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay
causes of discipline problems in schools essay Causes of discipline problems in schools essay

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