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Then when she completed the Test and narrowed the list down to her top 5, we see a list which reflects what is truly important to her. These five can be defined, described and through attention, given priority in her life. Remember, the Passion Test is about getting clear about those things which thrill your heart, stir your soul and make life really worth living.

So, we left it as E. All rules were made to be broken sometimes :. Life is always a series of choices. Nature responds based on what you do, not based on what you say. Writing down your passions is one thing. They will begin to manifest in your life as you choose in favor of things that allow them to be lived in your life, even when the choice is a tough one.

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For example, someone else might say well, being a world famous author and being recognized for my work are the same thing. Is that really true? Yes, of course. The way to tell if you have duplicates on your list, is ask yourself the question: Is this item what I mean by the other item? If it is, then delete one of them. If not, keep them both on the list. However, she determined that as much as she might like being a world famous author, what is really important to her is being recognized, in whatever form that may appear.

No doubt reading, etc. The purpose is clarity. After taking the Passion Test you will go about living your life, hopefully making the choices which make your passions more a part of your life. Next time you take the Passion Test you will have even more clarity about what is truly important in your life and what it means to you.

Take the Passion Test at least every six months and you will discover life just seems to get better and better! One note: L. We recommend getting the wording right when you make your list of ten, so the final five should be worded the same way. Then write out what each one means for you to get greater clarity.

When I walk into a room it just gets brighter. God is with me.

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I use my humor to bring joy to everyone…everywhere. I am teaching and encouraging others how to determine their goals and their passions. My mess has become my message. I am using my unique gift of creativity, and giving to make my living. My business called Illuminations is producing huge mind boggling multiple streams of income. I work with and surround myself with teams of loving faith filled believers who have the vision to change their worlds.

Our Comments: L.

In ten years, I will be teaching the youth of Ohio about the biggest and first industry to ever make its mark in the world; agriculture. There is a need for agriculture education in the world and I will be one of those people to make a difference in the lives of students pertaining to agriculture and success. My teachers have given me the drive to pursue this dream and I will prove to them that I can run a success chapter, and that I will live up to their expectations and more.

My students will graduate wanting to make agriculture better and to strive to want to educate the uneducated. I hope one day that all of this will come true, that everything I have ever wanted will fall into place and finally round my life and expectations with my dream job. The farm, the tractors, the trucks, the agriculture, the success, the dream, the want to be better; all of this makes up what my life would look like in ten years. Scholarship Home. Essay Leaderboard.

Past Entries. Kierstyn of West Salem, OH.

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Vote for my essay with a tweet! Word Count: Andrew 22 votes. Liam 16 votes. Reagan 9 votes. Along the way I stumbled into launching a music and lifestyle magazine based around these events and for the course of ten years I produced events and published a magazine. After I lost my passion for this industry, I decided to follow my next passion which was wellness, personal development, and spirituality. One day I was reading an ad in one of the magazines I enjoyed and they had an ad looking for an advertising consultant.

I immediately met with them and began working with them. Within a year I became the top sales person there out of 16 and the company was eventually bought by Gaiam, the largest wellness media company in that industry where I went to head up their media department in NYC making a six-figure income. Mind you, I only have an 8th grade education.

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All of my success is based upon following my passion, trusting synchronicity, and learning by doing. I had no idea I would become an event producer, CEO of a magazine, and a director and publisher at a media company. My overarching theme was that I loved music and I loved wellness. It was those themes that allowed me to find my place within these industries. I am not saying that this is exactly how it can work for you as each of you reading this will have your own story.

But it has to start with you having fun and loving what you do first. When some people find their passion in life, it might turn out that you may want to start your own business. There is nothing wrong with working with someone so long as you share the same dream. You live in a time that is the most easiest ever to take your idea and turn it into a business. Finding your passion can be hard. It can also be boring. This is why this post is a breath of fresh air. It will help you find your passion in a creative way. By following these 5 creativity exercises, you should be able to find your passion.

With these creative exercises very easy to do, you can find out your passion right now. That will lead to a more meaningful life so check out this post now.

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CNN — Want a great career? Find your passion. You have to be in a career that you find satisfying and fulfilling.

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The only way to do that is to find your passion and live it with your career. This article is full of lessons. It talks about failures. It talks about excuses. It talks about taking actions.

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essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life
essay about my passion in life Essay about my passion in life

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