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The for new lighting, electrical support, plantings, first Donald C. Ainslie Leadership Award recipients benches and ramps to ensure the Quad is will be announced in spring Moving away from home and his native Jamaica brought big challenges. Through the Office of the Dean of Students, I worked with a social worker to sort things out. International students sometimes want help adjusting I made several good friends by saying hello to the person next to me in my class or tutorial.

Last year, Levy organized an international student social every month that introduced both international and local students to new activities, food and culture. In the role of community co-ordinator, part of the don team, her focus was on supporting commuter students. The centre offers commuters a place to relax between classes or during lunch hours and a chance to participate in planned activities, such as pancake brunches, resume-building workshops and sessions led by academic advisors.

As a community co-ordinator, her job was to run the centre, organize programs for its students and hold regular office hours for students who had any type of concern. Beyn says commuter students dropped by to talk about a wide range of topics, including finances, academics and interpersonal relationships.

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For handling more serious personal or academic concerns, such as mental health crises, family problems or dropping courses, dons receive extensive training on how to listen and provide in-the-moment emotional support before referring students to appropriate campus services. Dons also play an important part following up so students feel supported. But I also knew how to work through them and was aware that I had a lot of support from the Office of the Dean of Students, no matter the situation. S T U D E N T services That support may be as simple as providing additional time for tests, or access to semi-private or private spaces.

Make Fridays Matter is a weekly drop-in study space held throughout the academic year. Students have the opportunity to study alone or in a group, seek out support from a staff person or attend one of the weekly academic skills workshops. Mindful Thursdays are one-hour drop-in meditation sessions held weekly throughout the academic year.

These sessions offer students. UC has also introduced a sUCcess Centre to the college. There, students can meet with learning strategists to overcome their academic challenges, improve study skills and reduce test anxiety. The centre also provides traditional career and personal counselling, international student advising and accessibility advising.

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For proof that students now know where to turn, Woolfrey and Scott look to the appointment books — students made one-onone appointments with sUCcess. Centre staff. We reach out to give students options and space for decisions, which may help them to feel cared for and seen.

To see them overcome their challenges, regardless of how big or small they are, is heartwarming.

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Over the years, attending UC has evolved into a cherished tradition for many families. Here, two of those families discuss their UC experiences and the bonds created by the college. Vivian Rambihar L and his daughter, Dr. Sherryn Rambihar, have both been active in UC affairs as alumni.

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It was his first time leaving his native Guyana and travelling on an airplane. Upon arriving in the city, he remembers marvelling at the changing seasons and well-manicured landscaping, so different from the tropics. Living at Wallace House in the Sir Daniel Wilson Residence, Rambihar, a former teacher, assisted other students with academic and other concerns, and helped organize social and recreational events.

He spent a lot of time at the International Student Centre and enjoyed meeting students from all. He also distinctly remembers how, when he went out at night, he would sprint somewhat anxiously past the old UC building with its gargoyles, just in case the stories of it being haunted by a ghost were true. After graduating in , Vivian completed medical school at McMaster University. Since then, he has enjoyed a long and accomplished career as a cardiologist, and has led the way in researching and promoting awareness of the distinct heart health issues of South Asians, both in Canada and globally.

But he has also built on his physics and math training at UC by conducting pioneering research in the field of chaos and complexity science as it applies to medicine, health and society.

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She laughs while recalling organizing a frosh week event in which, on a hot August day, students were invited to take a dip in a kiddie pool filled with ketchup. Another meaningful experience involved volunteering for a program to teach some local Grade 5 students about conflict resolution. After earning her degree in both human biology and sociology in , she completed medical school and then an internal medicine residency at Western University, a cardiology residency at McMaster University and a clinical fellowship in cardiology through U of T.

Sherryn collaborated with him on a lecture he presented at the UC Alumni Salon Series on complexity science, a non-linear approach to addressing complex systems and problems. Influence Awards — an award Vivian won in Both Bayla and Leo grew up in the s and s in downtown Toronto.

Bayla lived just a minute walk from U of T, and remembers regularly passing by UC with her mother on the way. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library. UC was such a familiar part of her childhood landscape, it seemed only natural that, years later, when she was ready for post-secondary education, it would become her college of choice. Also, as the first and, back then, only non-sectarian U of T college, it was the only real option for Bayla and Leo, who are both Jewish. Bayla and Leo met in high school, and both attended UC in the early s.

When they married in , Bayla was in the final year of her sociology degree, and Leo had already completed his physiology and biochemistry degree and was entering his first year of medical school at U of T. Both were commuter students who balanced. So, while they each made good friends at UC, they had little time for anything but schoolwork. Today, they both view their academic experiences at UC as pivotal to their career accomplishments.

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After completing medical school, Leo interned for a year at Mount Sinai Hospital, then completed post-graduate surgical training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. He went on to practise as a general surgeon in Toronto for almost five decades and became a distinguished specialist in colon and bowel operations. Their daughter, Sari, followed in their footsteps. Bayla says her career path was strongly influenced by a few of her professors, from whom she learned not only about course subject matter, but how to stimulate and engage learners.

Leo Chaikof her parents, she was a commuter student who focused mostly on academics.

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  5. Yet she enjoyed many good times with her friends, studying together at the UC Library in the Laidlaw wing and hanging out in the Howard Ferguson Dining Hall. I had come from a fairly small high school, so I was petrified to be in a class of that size. After graduating, Sari went on to law school at Western University, and she has been practising law for the last 30 years.

    She is currently the office managing partner of the. In another example of life coming full circle, U of T is one of her biggest clients.

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    As Leo, Bayla and Sari discussed their various experiences at UC, new memories arose, sparking laughs and more stories. Their two oldest children started out there, then followed other academic avenues to realize their career goals — Elliot is a surgeon, while David is a corporate lawyer, and both are highly accomplished. Sari, their youngest child, stayed at UC to earn her degree in psychology and sociology. So, while students looking for prescriptive advice may be disappointed, Baichwal will happily share with students what has helped her navigate a crooked path to filmmaking success.

    Although she was leaning toward continuing in academia and pursuing a PhD, Baichwal began to wonder if the issues she was studying could be presented in more accessible ways. She became increasingly intrigued by the medium of film and, without any training, went ahead and produced a short television documentary called Looking You in the Back of the Head, which asked numerous women to explore their own identities. But, as soon as I started [making documentaries], I was just enthralled by the form.

    Filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal will go to great heights to get the perfect shots for her films. Photo courtesy of Noah Weinzweig.

    Much of her work since then has also focused on the work of other artists as a means to explore larger philosophical and social issues. For example, she worked extensively with photographer Edward Burtynsky to shine a light on the environmental impact of industrialization in Manufactured Landscapes , abuses of water in Watermark and humaninfluenced climate change in Anthropocene: The Human Epoch Now, many years removed from her childhood and university days, Baichwal says both of these life chapters have figured prominently in her work in film.

    She believes growing up in a bi-cultural family has helped her see issues through a peripheral lens, and that her.

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