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Quantity surveyors. Directors and persons in charge of buildings' energy management. Directors and persons in charge of asset management and maintenance. Competencies Generic competencies Generic competencies are the skills that graduates acquire regardless of the specific course or field of study. They will know how to implement information systems in companies. They will be able to manage strategic and infrastructure planning and programming and apply them to the management, planning and control of operations. They will know how to apply techniques for auditing construction processes in the areas of quality, safety and the environment.

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They will be able to implement resource management models in building construction firms. They will be able to analyse a firm's financial and accounting operations, particularly in the building construction sector.

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They will be able to identify the strategic management models used in building construction firms. They will know how to apply strategic and operational aspects of production planning techniques. They will be able to carry out real-estate valuations and appraisals of non-complex assets. They will be able to design systems of indicators for building construction processes.

Lonneke Cheung - Research into the influence of mutual trust between the Client and the Contractor. Jelmer van der Weide - Understanding urban road life. Sophie Vulink - Towards public private collaboration on project stakeholder management. Niels Heim - Views to deal with the challenges of implementing Best Value. Chris van de Loo - Applying the fit-for-purpose philosophy in project management practice.

Jordi Wong - Integration of probabilistic costing and scheduling in management and control of infrastructure projects. Raluca Ganceanu - Serious gaming in the tender phase of road infrastructure projects. Steven Vis - A study on the feasibility of co-creation between client and contractor in the Dutch infrastructure sector. Maria Eleni Dimopoulo - Capturing and modeling risk-related: knowledge in Diaphragm Walls' installation. Jiska Schimmelpennink - Professionalisering van het opdrachtgeverschap.

Erik Jan Moll - How to allocate risks? Henriette Nooter - Risk profiles of infrastructure projects at the public party: a fuzzy set of qualitative comparison analysis of risk profiles of Dutch infrastructure projects. Alireza Rahat - Organizational barriers for adopting project alliancing.

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Florian Haesler - Findings on cooperation from international standard construction contracts. Thomas Neijenhuis - A database for Dutch transport infrastructure projects and their results. James Cheung - Regional approach to infrastructure provision. Rianne Blom - Embracing change: the road to improvement? A study into if and how a combination of lean and agile could help coping with complexity and uncertainty in the frond-end development of an infrastructure project.

Celine Krstulovic - The managers' view on antecedents for opportunistic behaviour in large infrastructural DBFM projects in the Netherlands. Maarten Kwakernaak - Opportunities and risks of systems integration projects. Ilca Italianer - Towards a risk management framework for construction projects. Camille Huijnen - Systems engineering at municipalities with Relatics.

Laura Coman - Public project management in North Western Europe: perspective on project success. Caroline Madern - Collaborative decision making at Schiphol Airport. Caroline Wagner - Is project success a coincidence or can it be enforced? A comparative study on the critical success factors of the Stadsbrug Nijmegen project and other similar civil engineering projects in the Netherlands. Laurens van Zoonen - Towards adoption of the outside view: An exploration for Dutch road widening infrastructure projets. Erik Henry - Issue dynamics in the execution phase of large airport terminal adaptation projects.

Letty de Jong - Identifying market constraints for development of Public Transport Nodes in the Netherlands. Francine van Hoeken - Managing public real estate; A study on the real estate portfolio decision making of ROC organisations. Michell Hogeveen - Towards value increase in urban generation.

Carmen van Huuksloot - Possibilities for early contractor involvement in infrastructure projects in the Netherlands.

Jesse Brandt - Development of the best value monitoring framework. Darinde Gijzel - Tunnel visions on sustainability: Sustainability aspects and its selection process for road tunnel construction projects. Jella Jongerius - Quantifiable Performance Information, the road to winning tenders? A research into the optimisation of the application of QPI by vendors. Jascha Zwaving - Probabilistic estimating of engineering costs.

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Link to thesis report. Katerina Rentzelou - Including indirect environmental impacts of large infrastructure projects in Cost Benefit Analysis. Derk Hordijk - Verification process performance within large infrastructure projects. Two to three online courses will be offered each semester. Doctoral Degree Students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree should apply for a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and indicate their interest towards Construction Engineering and Management in their application.

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The Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability is committed to excel as the preeminent center for advancement and dissemination of construction knowledge. Our motivated students, highly qualified faculty, and dedicated alumni work together to make the program one of the finest in the country. College of Engineering and Computing. Florida International University.

msc thesis in construction management Msc thesis in construction management
msc thesis in construction management Msc thesis in construction management
msc thesis in construction management Msc thesis in construction management
msc thesis in construction management Msc thesis in construction management
msc thesis in construction management Msc thesis in construction management

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