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Having the ability to test a patient for breast cancer genes will help lead to better diagnosis and treatment. Genes help with DNA repair, but when the gene is mutated it cannot repair the damaged gene. BRCA 1 gene can be found on the 27th chromosome, and is known as a tumor suppressor gene that provides the blueprint for protein that breaks cellular growth. BRCA 1 is shown to occur in families that had a lot of breast or ovarian cancer. Families who carry the BRCA 1 gene are also linked with ovarian cancer, which puts them at risk for both breast and ovarian cancer.

They have a higher risk of getting breast cancer at a young age, or in both breasts.

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The BRCA 2 gene is found on the 13th chromosome. BRCA 2 is found to affect males at a higher risk, although male breast cancer is rare. Breast cancer is common in families with high male and female breast cancer. Families who are of Jewish decent are more likely to get breast cancer because they have a high mutation rate. Men or women who are considered to be at high risk of breast cancer have the option of being tested.

A person is considered to be at high risk if they have two or more family members that have had breast or ovarian cancer. A positive result of the blood test is that the patient is positive in the inheritance of the mutated gene. It is not definite that the patient will have the cancer; the cancer still requires uncertain environmental factors in order for the cancer to develop.

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A patient with positive results is now at risk for passing the mutated gene to their children. If a person receives a negative result of having the breast cancer gene, it does not mean that they are cancer free. Testing for a genetic inheritance of the gene can be very helpful for families to know if they are carrying the mutated gene, and it can also be upsetting to the families who are affected.

Understanding Pathology for Breast Cancer

If a family member comes back positive for the gene that puts other members of the family at risk. They family then has to decide what they want to do with the information they received.

The gene is genetic which then puts the children at risk for cancer. Breast cancer heredity is very rare and it does not occur in every family. A patient who receives a negative result is negative for the mutation, which means that the patient did not inherit the gene.

A positive result of the breast cancer gene has a few options on how to lower their risk of getting breast cancer. A more aggressive step could be having prophylactic surgery.

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Prophylactic surgery is when a woman has their breasts removed to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Not every woman who inherits the breast cancer gene will get cancer. There are other factors that can lead to a woman to get cancer. The more I could live in gratitude, the more I could let go of the fear.

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  7. I was an advocate for my own health; and I expanded on that to help others. The more I could take my mind off myself, the more my brain turned away from fear. Though I was totally un-artistic and un-crafty, I discovered that the process of using my hands and creating art worked like meditation, and was therapeutic healing. Humor is healthy, and proven to be healing. So I looked for things that would make me laugh.

    Even, and especially, in the worst moments.

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    Much to my surprise, sometimes the blackest times brought out the biggest laughs. Maybe that's not really a surprise — what bigger victory could there be than being able to laugh in the face of what I most feared. And when nothing else worked, I just faked being fearless, even when I felt like a fraud. Until the balance finally started to tip. The fact that I survived cancer is due to luck.

    Breast Cancer Screening Essay

    How I faced cancer is due to me. And nothing have ever done, other than my two children, makes me more proud. I use that experience all the time. I faced my biggest fear, and I can do it again. And again. This turned out to be a useful lesson, since somehow challenges keep coming. Now, when bad things happen, what immediately leaps into my mind is the "F" word. No, not fear, I mean the other one. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Wednesday Addams Costume.

    Getty Images. But how? Even a control freak can't control cancer. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The best way to treat any disease is to prevent it. Since little is known about breast cancer, there are no established rules for prevention. The ACS recommends that women age twenty and older perform monthly breast self-exams, and it also suggests clinical examinations every three years ACS Breast.

    Mammography is also a wonderful tool for detecting tumors; however, there is conflicting data on when and how often women should have mammograms. What is known is that mammography is the best way to determine if a palpable lump is actually cancerous or not. Treatment methods for breast cancer can be lumped in two major categories; local or systemic.

    Local treatments are used to destroy or control the cancer cells in a specific area of the body.

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