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Mozambique: 6,000 animals to rewild park is part-funded by trophy hunting

All these pathetic excuses for a human should watch the doc "Earthlings"! But I guess their souls are already so rotten that they even will enjoy watching suffering and dying animals! I know because I worked for an estate as a water bailiff in the highlands a few years back.

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That is what the national parks do, they allow people to take photos of animals. But it is not enough, they do not raise sufficient money to be self sufficient. A lot of state funded national parks are dependent on the breeding programs and stock replacement of hunting concessions. So your issue is that money talks, sadly that's the way of it, and yes, its shite.

Also there are pretty much no Rhino left in national parks because they are too easy to get at. Private concessions care about every single individual, yes that might be due to profit margins, but at least those rhinos are breathing. Hunting is also healthy for a population, only the best trophies are taken which means that they are allowed to live to a ripe age before they are killed, thats a much better way of doing things than raising a cow for two years, giving it steriods so that it grows at an accelerated rate, quickly outstripping the natural capabilities of their bone structure.

The animals in the bush live a more natural life than pretty much any animal bred for produce. Take Kruger for example, there are huge herds of elephants and buffalo that used to be cropped Whole herds were shot. These herds are destroying their own natural habitat by putting a fence around an area one has to act as god , the act of culling allowed rejuvenation of huge tracts of land.

Now with public pressure to stop the culling Kruger is being damaged much faster than any human process can cope with. Elephants will turn Kruger into the kalahari. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but I am a conservationist, I have been in gunfights to protect animals. Unless we start culling elephants again there will not last much longer. The same can be said of the hunting concessions. They essentially sell licenses to crop their herd, that is all they do.

If you really want to get shitty at someone that kills animals have a go at trophy poachers. They are the ones that don't give two shits about animal welfare, they are the ones that killed all of krugers big tuskers and brought the southern african White Rhino population to the brink of collapse for the sake of ancient remedies.

Private hunters and their concessions are on our side of that fight and try to put right the wrongs of poaching.


I see from your comment Andrew that this is an acceptable way to keep a species from becoming extinct. I believe that maybe in some cases it just might be the only way but that is only because of some humans desire to hunt for sport. I cannot see how someone can take an animals life in the name of sport. Animals feel pain, have families, some very similar to us.

How can you say that the hunters have love for their kill. How can you love something and then shoot it for so called sport. That would show love. That is what we are trying to do, create awareness and try to show the hunters that because they like to kill does not mean it is right or humane. I lived and worked as an anti poaching ranger in Kruger national park for a while.

Hunting has proved to be the most sustainable way to conserve Africa's great game. Without the fences most of these animals would have been hunted to extinction and the magic of Africa lost forever. Many of the owners of private hunting concessions use the profits from hunting to buy and rear endangered stock which they will never allow to be hunted.

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They perform a service for the rest of the world, yes it may seem gruesome to many, but the alternatives are far worse. I personally am not a fan of the "canned hunt" idea, but it is a means to an end, an end that we all want to see. The preservation of a world that would have been lost to us if it weren't for the work these people do.

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This is not the same as the days of the great white hunter, when species were hunted until they were no more. These animals are given the opportunity to live a life in as natural an environment as is possible with a finite amount of land. I know some professional hunters personally and I assure you that their love for animals is paramount in their hearts. So please, don't judge them as monsters, you could not be further from the truth. If you have a better solution, let's hear it. Can't watch anymore because it's making me feel sick.

I really like Louis Theroux' programmes, but not this one.

She said, 'they're not caged in'. No dear, they're fenced it. Killing pregnant cows and feeding the unborn babes to lions. Dean, I respect your point. Sparkke, The trophy hunters are not the ones eating their kill. They are not interested in the meat at all. They are interested in the trophy. This is off topic, but in response to you…I have not eaten meat in 15 years and I have done research on slaughter houses.

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Humans have enough resources food and vitamin to survive healthily without meat. All you people who are disgusted by hunting, let me say this, how do you think the meat that you eat in anything gets on your plate? It doesn't drop dead for you. You might want to watch how slaughter houses kill the animals before being haters about this.

To Louis buddy, you need to harden up, ham dinner doesn't fall from the sky. Hunting helps the entire community in SA where there has been no control of hunting in other parts of africa, you will find no game to hunt, in South africa, hunting is controlled and produces results. A game should have two equal and willing opponents. These animals are fenced in.

Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die

A paid and almost guaranteed win, should not lead to the accomplished feeling trophy hunters appear to experience. Go out and hunt things with a spear like a real man and then i might be impressed. Hunting has been one of my parent's activity in the fall. They have been hunting for moose on the Gaspe peninsula for several year. My father was born and raised in that area, part of a family of 13 kids, hunting was a way to feed every one. Still to this day, when i go visit them, my mom is still proud to put her best roast on the table, and i'll admit moose is a lot better than beef and i know it was fed naturally.

Although i can say it would be near impossible for me to shoot an animal that size, even killing a spider makes me feel puzzled. I did raise chicken for meat one summer, the killing day was an awfull day but i wanted to be part of it.

That was my one and last attempt. I eat mainly vegetarian when i am at home, but i do crave meat sometimes specially lamb. Yes i know! I think the key point needed to explored further was the comment, "This is Africa".

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The presenter struggled with his own western perspective and forgot that he was in a continent littered with civil war and immense life suffering. Private, maintained, and controlled killing of a food supply in a starving nation is likely a step in the right direction for the fate of Africa?

The question that should have been asked of Louis at the end is: "What is your opinion of those that do kill the meat they eat? What is his ethics in this reality of Life and Death to sustain Life? I'm trying to find and watch all of Louis' Weird Weekends documentaries. He really is the best documentary reporter I've ever seen, and though his series is inherently "exploitative" of odd and frequently bizarre people and situations, I do sense as a former journo that Louis' natural curiosity, adventurous spirit, and fairness as a reporter give all of us a window into people and worlds that we'd otherwise not know.

To me, those traits are the hallmark of a great reporter, and Louis is that and a lot more. He's really a 5-star presenter. I agree with this being more "shooting" than "hunting", but that seems to ensure that the animal dies quickly with less room for error, and therefore less pain and suffering. I think most of these people could be cased more as wanna-be hunters, with eyes on the prize more than the hunt, so it's probably good to hold their hand and make sure they don't make a mess everywhere. If they acctually went hunting in Africa they would probably become lion food.

It also seems like a good way to keep a kerb on illegal poaching which I believe is a way bigger problem with way less concern for the animal and surroundings. After all it is in the farmers best interest to not have a species go extinct. As long as the meat isn't being wasted including to feed the other animals , It also seems a more humane way to treat animals than any factory farm. I have to say that for once I kinda disagree with Louis, and side with the owners of the farms.

I guess he comes under the many not all people that when faced with the real truth of how there food gets to them, they don't want to know. If most people really realized what their meat went through alive and dead before it got to their plate they would probably praise this way of farming, with adjustments for species and geography.

What a pathetic, feckless little city boy. He should go home and eat his steaks, nicely wrapped in clean plastic, and read his animal picture books. He's a bloody hypocrite I am some wot okay with hunting as long as every part of the animal is utilized and it was killed humanely but these arseholes,wow,I hope they meet their demise by way of being cut down by one pissed off Lion! The setting was excellent, but the dialogue became extremely overly boring, sorry!! Luis you wore out the theme of the entire documentary before you even got started.

Piet Warren's stand at the end, inside the barn actually echoed my own thoughts, true, this is not the hunting I knew as a young man out in the wild, stalking and then taking that critical shot. Huge difference here. I admire him for meeting a need and in doing it the way he is, well he is definitely giving back a lot more.

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The argument that this helps the species is ridiculous. If it were intended to help the animals then they would breed them, and release them into the wild. However they dont do that, they raise them to be shot from a safe distance away with 0 chance of survival.

critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die
critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die
critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die
critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die
critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die
critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die Critical thinking questions hunted for fun left to die

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