Respect toward elderly essay

When Ageism Is Rampant

They have regularly income and they can pay expense themselves.

The government should not pay but if they pension is not enough, the government should pay but, if they pension is enough, the government should not pay. Maybe, the government can pay medical expense them. Because they pension is not enough for medical expense and the government can be help them in this case. To sum up, in my opinion, the government must help old people and if they have not regularly income, the government must pay expense them.

But if retired have a regularly income, the government just can pay medical expense them. I think, the government more than better manage budget for retired or old people expense.

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Letter Feedback. Essay Feedback. Writing Band 7. Caring for the Elderly Essays by Saira Regina. Oct 30, nice essay by: Anonymous it was a very nice essay but you can add some more points like children getting affected by the behaviour of their parents towards their grandparents. Feb 25, Double thumbs Up : by: Anonymous I like this essay. Simple yet effective. Feb 25, like it Feb 27, Advices by: Anonymous Actually it can have more points like what they expect Feb 27, nice by: aryan Intelligent. Mar 07, Exceptional essay by: Anonymous I think your essay is exceptionally good and who would've thought that we were thinking of the same thing Oct 30, Nice by: Reddy Effectively.

Jan 12, nice one by: Anonymous Its really good. Jan 13, wonderfuf! K its really good. It helped me in my Homework I love it Thank u Feb 07, pretty good and nice you have written by: God good.

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Nov 08, Very nice essay by: Ayush It is very efffective essay. Jul 29, Read mine. In some cases, government used to provide the necessary fund for their expenses. However I strongly believe that the family is having the full responsibility to pay the expenditures. This essay will discuss the reasons to support my opinion. First and foremost is that dumping the parents to any old age home without taking responsibility is not a good practice. In otherwords it is always better to allow them to stay with their family which makes them more comfortable rather than staying away from home.

Additionally, children have to grow up with their grandparents which can deliver happiness to them. Furthermore, young people will realise the value of relationship and love in the family. One of the solution to look after the old people if the family is busy with the work, then they can appoint a paid servant to take care of them. In some cases where people are not able to stay with their old parents, then it is good for the old to live with the same age group under the supervision of home nurses. Government has not required to pay the fees of the home stay unless and only if the family had died due to natural disasters.

For instance, the Indonesian government had taken the full responsibility of old people who lost their family in the most frightening earthquake happened in In conclusion, i agree that for certain cases it is the duty of government to pay the expenses for the old people because they are still the citizen of the country. Paying for the Care of the Elderly by Zeki İstanbul In Britain, when someone gets old they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them.

Aug 21, About mistakes by: Zeki Could someone assesment my grammatical or topic mistakes? Thank you. Sep 11, Include Family members by: Anonymous Hi, It would be better if you add some points by including Family members. Because, the family members have the equal right to take care of their parents when they are old. Jun 28, Needs improvement by: LilD 1. Improve your vocabulary. Improve your grammar use more complex sentences 3. Your ideas could be great but they are developed in a clumsy way.

Jan 31, Such a caring essay by: Anonymous The words written truly can't be expressed as we all know that the elderly are the ones who take care of us when we are younger and when they became old what do we do? Why don't we care for them at that time but in my opinion we must care for the.

Such an inspiring essay truly heart touching. By reading this we can understand our responsibility towards them. Feb 27, Needs improvement by: Anonymous Nice but not so good because some other facts should also be included in this essay. Feb 27, value by: Anonymous nice. Feb 27, Best by: Mozeza Best to learn easy to learn. Mar 07, It's ok by: Anonymous I get all your point but I think you should work on your spelling and sentence structure Sep 25, stupid essay by: annoymouse many grammatical errors.

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Thanks in advance. Ana Paula. Dec 02, caring essay by: Anonymous An awesome essay. Follow ieltsbuddy. Elders may have a hard time staying active and eating healthy meals. They may be less mobile than they used to be. Shopping and cooking may be difficult for them. Visit the person regularly and go for a walk with them.

Even a short walk provides fresh air and movement. Bring them food when you come for a visit. Let them know you respect their autonomy.

Manners Around the Elderly

Losing the ability to take care of oneself can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing for people. Method 2. Visit them. Life can be lonely for elders. Try to visit them whenever you can make the time. Try to make visits or calls on a regular schedule. Sometimes surprise visits or irregular schedules can be disorienting for an elder.

Visiting every Wednesday afternoon, for example, can be a regular activity that the person can look forward to. Slow down. As people age, they process things and move more slowly. Your elder may need you to walk more slowly or repeat things that you say. You may need to go very slowly when showing them how to use it, or you may choose to not introduce new technologies into their lives.

Let the elder set the pace for things like walking or preparing meals. Be polite. Most elders will have a strong sense of propriety and etiquette. Their expectations for how people talk to each other are likely very different than yours. If they tell you to call them by their first name, you can then feel free to do so. Always make sure that they have food before you serve yourself, and that they have a place to sit before you or other younger people are seated.

Try to keep your focus on them and your quality time together. Ask them about their life.

respect toward elderly essay Respect toward elderly essay
respect toward elderly essay Respect toward elderly essay
respect toward elderly essay Respect toward elderly essay
respect toward elderly essay Respect toward elderly essay
respect toward elderly essay Respect toward elderly essay

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