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For proposals in the social sciences and sciences, include primary sources, review articles, and academic book s. This section should be written such that your research question or hypothesis or creative activity flows logically from it. Depending upon your academic discipline, you may present your proposed activity as a research question, hypothesis es , or creative activity with a stated goal or outcome s.

The proposed activity that forms the basis of your Honors thesis must be tied to an existing body of knowledge. This section of your thesis proposal should be clear and concise — e.

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All disciplines lend themselves to research and creativity; all work is conducted using some methodology. Your methodology determines the rigor and validity of your work. This section of your thesis proposal should present all the methods i. Your advisor will be well-versed in methodologies. In no more than one or two paragraphs , describe the results you expect from your thesis and what those results will mean in the greater context of knowledge in the field.

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If you complete a creative project, discuss the implications of your project in terms of a larger context of your discipline. Your annotated bibliography section will begin on a new sheet of paper and contain at least five annotated sources. Select recent journal articles, review articles, and scholarly books that address your topic. After each source, write an annotation, i. See example below. Include specific facts rather than vague generalizations e. If it is not obvious, explain how the source will be useful to the development of your thesis.

For the citation, follow the approved style for your field i. Single-space each citation and its corresponding annotation and leave a blank line between entries:. Portes A. Social capital: its origins and applications in modern sociology. This review article discusses the origins and definitions of social capital in the writings of several scholars in the field.

The author identifies four sources of social capital and examines their dynamics. He also gives examples of both positive functions and negative consequences of social capital. It is fundamental for my thesis hypothesis. This review article uses evidence from patent data and discusses the debate on whether technological advances have generated more or less worker autonomy. It is useful for my research because it defines the knowledge economy and provides both sides of the debate.

How to write a thesis proposal

This optional section will contain your complete survey instruments and full range of interview questions, or any other information you and your advisor deem essential for readers and reviewers. If your thesis proposal is electronically submitted by the fifth day of a month, you will receive approval—or a request for revision—by the last working day of that month. A faculty committee will evaluate your thesis proposal. This page should be placed directly after your Title Page, and include the following:. Include the problem, question, or hypothesis examined, an explanation of why you decided to study this problem or issue or to pursue this creative project, the approach you took, what you discovered, and avenues others might pursue in this area in the future.

This section of your thesis should be approximately 20 pages long, double-spaced, with page numbers at the bottom of each page. If you have chosen a creative project, your paper may be pages long. It should be double-spaced, have page numbers at the bottom of each page, be written in English unless specific arrangements have been made in advance, and contain no spelling or grammatical errors. In all cases, the style should be appropriate for the discipline.

For organizational purposes, you may wish to use headings and sections see below for the main body of your thesis as they appear in your Table of Contents. Discuss the organization of your thesis with your advisor and follow a format that is typical of writing in your discipline. In addition, the main body of your thesis must provide the reader with a logical introduction to your project explaining how it fits within a larger context and what your focus is , what you did for your thesis, how you conducted your work, and the significance of your work to your field of endeavor.

If you have chosen to complete a creative project, you may submit a shorter written document in which you should answer the following questions:. This section sets the stage for your work.

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It gives the reader a view of the framework for your project — the particular field in which you are working — and brings the reader logically to the project at hand. The introduction or literature review should lead logically and clearly to your research question or hypothesis. Describe the approaches you employed, and cite any relevant literature. Readers should be able to understand clearly the procedural and analytical steps you undertook.

This is the real heart of your project and contains your original contribution of new knowledge in your field. What did you discover, learn, create, or uncover? Present, interpret, and discuss the data or ideas you have collected or generated. Describe your findings in a precise and well-supported manner, as this is primarily where you can persuade your readers to adopt your perspective on the subject.

Relate your work to the larger field. Cite any relevant bibliographic sources within your discussion. Because all projects are by their very nature limited in scope, an essential part of fully analyzing your work is to understand its limits. Think about the robustness of what you have done:.

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  7. Supplemental material such as pictures, figures, survey instruments, interview questions, and tables should be included in the Appendix. Your thesis will be evaluated by your thesis advisor and a thesis evaluator selected by you and your advisor. Review each rubric and become aware of how your work will be evaluated.

    Members of the Honors Council make the final determination on this designation. The thesis advisor then formally nominates the thesis in a written letter submitted to the Honors College. The letter must state why, in specific terms, the advisor believes the work deserves this designation.

    You and your advisor must both sign approval forms. Important Note : Exceptions to regularly scheduled thesis weeks will be considered on a case-by-case basis and require a petition from the student supported by the thesis advisor. No thesis may be presented in the same semester in which the proposal was submitted and approved. Industry: Health care Country: DK. How it works? Find a project you would like to collaborate with a company for your Masters' or Bachelors' thesis and apply with words proposal sharing your initial ideas how you are going to solve their problem with your research.

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    Our recruiters will have a phone call with you to give more information about the project, available data and expectations from a company side. We would then schedule a meeting with a company directly. If you are selected after the meeting you will start working on the project with a company at their office. Studying is almost over.

    You've done your share of essays, reports and presentations. And although it was hard, you've managed to preserve your love for science and research. Then you decide to pursue a path of a doctorate. And you still feel like there is something you want to study, so you pick a topic and start working on your research proposal.

    It is done to convince the evaluation board that the issue you chose for your research is valid and is worth looking into. Everything is peachy, but suddenly it occurs to you that the amount of time needed to compose a proper research proposal simply doesn't fit into your schedule.

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